Ryan Doenges

I am a Ph.D. student at Cornell University, where I am advised by Nate Foster. My research applies programming language techniques to computer networking problems.

My last name sounds like “DEN-jis” when I say it out loud. My full name anagrams to “try heron agendas” or “drone, earn thy gas!”

You can contact me in these places:


Sep 2020: Our paper "Petr4: Formal Foundations for P4 Data Planes" will appear at POPL'21.

Jul 2020: Our paper "Composing Data Plane Programs with μP4" will appear at SIGCOMM'20.

Jun 2019: I'll be at MSR this summer working with Dan Ports and Jacob Nelson on multitenancy for P4 applications.

Jul 2018: I'm headed to OPLSS!

Jan 2018: I am TAing CS 4120: Compilers.

Sep 2017: I've moved to Ithaca and begun my Ph.D. at Cornell. I'm working as a TA for CS 3410: Computer System Organization and Programming.

Jul 2017: I'll be attending the inaugural DeepSpec Summer School. If you're in Philadelphia this July, come say hello.

Jun 2017: I graduated from UW with a B.S. in math! The department gave us cute little water bottles, but I cant seem to find mine. I haven't lost the diploma.

Jan 2017: I am working as a teaching assistant for CSE 341: Programming Languages this quarter.

Jan 2016: I'm presenting “Verification of Implementations of Distributed Systems Under Churn” at CoqPL‘17. See you in Paris!


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